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Since 1930, the Frederick Erdman Association has provided help to those suffering from circulatory problems.  The fundamental objective of the Erdman Therapy is to improve the rate of blood flow.

It all started around the turn of the century, when a man named Frederick Erdman recognized that there are two kinds of circulatory classes.

The majority of people fall into a "normal" circulatory condition in which the arteries can become too constricted because the tone of the smooth muscles of the arterial walls is excessive.

Frederick Erdman's greatest contribution was in recognizing that the remainder of the population fall into a circulatory condition where at least some of the arteries are too dilated because the tone of the smooth muscles of the arterial wall is below normal.  He developed unique therapies for both conditions that involve gentle massage or cold applications to specific spinal muscles.

By recognizing the existence of these two diametrically opposed groups, and applying appropriate treatment to each, the circulation and blood pressure can be improved.

Restoring healthy circulation in both types of people has been our heritage.