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Beyond the Loss of Years

The Development of the Frederick Erdman Therapy

by Frederick Erdman

Foreword by Frank Erdman


The original manuscript for this booklet was written in 1967 as a letter from Frederick Erdman to his two sons, Frank and Bill. The letter was published as a booklet called How I Learned, which was enjoyed by patients and friends of the Frederick Erdman Association for many years. The new name is taken from the poem on page 16 which William J. Erdman, D.D., Frederick's father, wrote on the occasion of Frederick's 21st birthday when his future looked very bleak. This edition, including the foreword by Frank Erdman, was prepared in 1992.





1. Early Discoveries and Basic Principles

2. Discoveries Related to the Circulatory System

3. Discoveries Related to the Gastrointestinal System

4. Discoveries Related to the Nervous System

5. Diagnosis and Treatment of Various Illnesses and Disorders

6. Stretching the Spinal Muscles

7. Miscellaneous Factors Affecting Health

8. An Urgent Appeal